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$5 to $13Have you ever had a distribution-fuse cutout operate unnecessarily or for an unknown cause?

The outages caused by such operations affect your maintenance and operations costs. This, in turn, affects your fuse-link costs, making a $5 fuse link in reality a $13 fuse link or even higher. Learn more about the cost of unnecessary fuse-link operations here.

The key to eliminating this impact is to remove the unnecessary cutout operations by using reliable fuse links that act only when required.

Positrol® Fuse Links are designed to provide reliable protection, and they operate only when a fault occurs within the cutout’s zone of protection. With Positrol Fuse Links, you eliminate unnecessary cutout operations and thereby reduce your maintenance and operation costs.


Eliminates nuisance operations

Eliminates Nuisance Operations

Avoids truck rolls

Avoid Unnecessary Truck Rolls

Better coordination

Better Coordination

Positrol® Fuse Links: Design Makes a Difference


Superior fault-interruption performance

Superior Fault-Interruption Performance

Unsurpassed secondary-fault performance

Unsurpassed Secondary-Fault Performance

Time current Characteristics don't change over time

Time Current Characteristics Don’t Change Over Time

Helically coiled silver elements

Helically Coiled Silver* Fuse Elements

Close melting-current tolerance

Close Melting-Current Tolerance*


Positrol Fuse Links construction

*Refer to published TCC curves for fuse element material and melting-current tolerances

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